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22: Automate, Delegate, Educate & Eradicate with Alex Sanfilippo

January 11, 2021

Alex Sanfilippo is the founder of PodMatch, a fast-growing podcast matching platform, and the host of the Creating a Brand podcast for entrepreneurs. We discuss how business owners can leverage podcasting to grow their business, why documenting processes is critical and productivity tools required to scale a business.


Time Stamps


[00:45] Alex’s professional background and how he became a podcast entrepreneur

[03:17] How the corporate environment prepared Alex for entrepreneurship

[12:20] How to use a blog to grow your business

[15:09] Should you outsource your blog?

[17:20] How podcasting is different from blogging

[21:04] Starting a podcast to grow your business

[23:40] Committing to consistency to get results

[28:52] Hiring micro-entrepreneurs

[30:51] Advice for starting a podcast

[33:10] Alex’s productivity tips 

[39:58] The evolution of since its inception

[44:24] The size of the podcast market available to


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