Management Blueprint

25: Experience Design with Mike Wittenstein

February 1, 2021

Mike Wittenstein is the founder of StoryMiners, a consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia. They help businesses translate strategies into customer experiences. Previously, Mike was a media personality and spokesperson for IBM. We discuss how StoryMiners utilizes design to create value for customers and the frameworks behind their processes.




[01:19] Mike Wittenstein’s journey into entrepreneurship

[03:06] Business lessons from IBM

[05:29] Experience design creates value

[07:57] Design is a problem-solving tool

[11:26] Turning strategies into stories

[15:00] What leaders have to do differently

[15:51] How StoryMiners looks for value creation points

[20:00] How a good strategy resonates with people

[21:07] StoryMiners’ Promise Map

[29:17] Objectives and Key Results Framework

[31:26] Measure what generates value for your client’s customers

[32:35] How StoryMiners optimizes design for greater outcomes of value

[36:42] Transitions Optical Retail Experience

[39:48] Clients want to see their ideas become real

[45:10] Leaders should set goals and design the path to attain them


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