Management Blueprint

55: Create Predictable Revenue with Jim Barnish

August 30, 2021

Jim Barnish is the Founder and Managing Partner at Orchid Black, a growth services firm that helps tech-forward companies build better game-changing businesses. We talk about finding your ideal client profile, value creation strategies for flatlining companies, and dissect Aaron Ross’ Predictable Revenue.



[00:29] Jim’s entrepreneurial journey

[01:49] Jim’s exit from the family business and launching Orchid Black

[04:58] Orchid Black’s mission to grow and maximize exit value for tech business

[06:49] How to define, measure, and assess value creation in companies

[09:11] Value creation strategies for flatlining companies

[13:31] What is Predictable Revenue?

[16:21] Dissecting Aaron Ross’ Predictable Revenue

[18:44] The Three-Tier Organizational Sales Strategy

[22:31] Product-market fit: What is it and why is it important

[24:42] Key Differences between product-market fit and minimal viable product

[26:48] How to find your ideal client profile


Links and Resources

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Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross

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Steve Preda’s Book: Buyable

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