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85: The Magic of Peer Groups with Ken Wingate

March 21, 2022

Kenneth Wingate is the founder and president of North Point Builders, a general contractor focusing on designing and building government facilities, hospitals, medical centers, K-12 schools, universities, churches, and community centers. We talk about the benefits of having a business mentor, tips for growing a general contractor business, and the average number of employees in small businesses in the US. 


Time Stamps

[00:43] Kenneth’s entrepreneurial journey

[04:29] Kenneth’s experience with management blueprints

[06:42] The benefits of joining a peer group for CEOs and entrepreneurs

[08:05] Why every entrepreneur needs a business mentor

[10:30] The key differences between a general contractor and a specialist subcontractor 

[12:44] Roles and responsibilities of a general contractor

[14:36] How general contractors get new business 

[17:32] Negotiated contracts versus competitive bidding

[19:56] Why Ken and his team love bidding against other industry giants in their space

[23:09] Tips for growing a general contractor type of business

[27:36] Why sometimes it doesn’t make sense to grow your business

[29:44] The average number of employees in most small businesses in the US

[33:34] Parting thoughts


Links and Resources

Ken’s LinkedIn

Get in touch with Ken and his team via: 410-477-8541.

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