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86: Work Yourself Out of Business with Marie Hale

March 28, 2022

Marie Hale is the CEO of @revenue, an innovative sales and marketing company that empowers small and medium-sized business owners to create and lead successful sales teams as well as execute full scale marketing strategies. We talk about the benefits of having a solid management blueprint, Professional Love in sales, and the key features in a custom-crafted CRM system.


Time Stamps

[00:33] Marie’s entrepreneurial journey

[03:01] How to get sales and marketing to work together

[05:35] Professional Love and why it’s such an effective selling strategy

[07:06] How salespeople can get buyers to open up about their feelings

[09:47] Marie’s experience with management blueprints

[12:07] Marie’s key takeaway points from the E-Myth Framework

[13:44] The benefits of having a solid management blueprint

[15:12] How to systematize your business with little to no disruption

[17:45] Key features in a custom-crafted CRM

[20:55] Why all businesses need a clear and succinct CRM system

[22:03] Marie’s automate, duplicate, delegate, and elevate framework.

[25:31] Why you need to automate your project management software

[28:46] Understanding the automation piece in a project management software

[31:05] How Marie’s company builds and sustains growth

[35:53] Parting thoughts


Links and Resources

Marie’s LinkedIn

Buyable: Your Guide to Building a Self-Managing, Fast-Growing, and High-Profit Business

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