Management Blueprint

87: Find Your North Star Metric with Peter Lehrman

April 4, 2022

Peter Lehrman is the CEO of Axial, a private deal network serving professionals who own, advise, and invest in North American lower middle-market companies. We talk about the North Star Metric, the due diligence checklist for buying a business, and the benefits of having perseverance in business. 


Time Stamps

[01:32] Peter’s entrepreneurial journey

[05:47] Peter’s experience with management blueprints

[07:16] The North Star Metric

[11:07] Axial’s North Star Metric

[14:05] How Axial subtly leads customers into signing an NDA

[16:59] Why businesses need to custom-adjust their management frameworks

[18:46] The importance of having perseverance in business

[22:17] The complex process of buying or selling a business

[26:44] The key identifiers of small businesses in the US

[31:27] Technology adoption and incorporation at Axial

[34:13] How Peter and his team create reach for business buyers and sellers

[36:37] Buying a business: Due diligence checklist

[39:29] Parting Thoughts


Links and Resources:

Peter’s Twitter Handle

Peter’s LinkedIn

The North Star Playbook

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