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88: Promote Employee Supremacy with Andy Alsop

April 11, 2022

Andy Alsop is the inventor of the Employee Supremacy Operational Model and the CEO of The Receptionist, a leading iPad-based visitor management solution installed in more than 5500 locations worldwide. We talk about the effectiveness of visitor management solutions, employee supremacy at the workplace, and how company cultures influence employee loyalty. 


Time Stamps

[00:30] Andy’s entrepreneurial journey

[03:29] The competitiveness of the virtual receptionist market

[04:44] How Andy’s company competes with venture-backed companies

[07:21] The Employee Supremacy Operating Model

[10:27] How to discover your ‘Just Cause’ and understand your ‘Why’

[12:20] How Andy and his team developed their company ‘Why’

[13:51] The benefits of having Employee Supremacy

[16:37] How businesses can prioritize employee needs on a daily basis

[20:12] A practical look at Employee Supremacy at the workplace

[22:28] Why you need to build trust within your teams

[23:23] Understanding the key aspects of a visitor management solution

[23:53] Unique functionalities from visitor management solutions

[29:32] The future of visitor management solutions

[33:15] The great resignation and AI taking over jobs

[34:51] How company cultures influence employee loyalty

[37:20] How to incorporate employee supremacy into your company culture

[40:38] Parting Thoughts


Links and Resources

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