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89: Give Your Stakeholders a Say with Eric Brotman

April 18, 2022

Eric Brotman is the CEO of BFG Financial Advisors, an independent firm assisting clients with wealth creation, preservation, and distribution. He is also the author of Don't Retire... Graduate!: Building a Path to Financial Freedom and Retirement at Any Age. We talk about multi-generational financial planning, the benefits of flexible leadership, and why retirement should not mean the end of your productive life. 


Time Stamps

[00:43] Eric's entrepreneurial journey

[03:24] Eric's experience with management blueprints

[06:54] The benefits of flexible leadership

[09:31] Understanding visionary leadership and why it's so effective

[12:39] Why some entrepreneurs sell shares to their best-performing employees

[14:35] What is multi-generational planning?

[18:50] How multi-generational planning helps families avoid internal conflict

[21:47] How Eric helps young multi-generational planners gain experience in the field

[23:26] Eric's multi-generational planning and financial literacy tools

[27:07] Collaborative financial planning and the role of the advisor

[30:51] Why retirement should not mean the end of your productive life

[32:58] The retirement problem and why some retirees go back to working

[35:52] Growth drivers at Eric's firm BFG Financial Advisors

[38:11] Parting thoughts 


Links and Resources

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