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91: Web3 and Four Ways to Fund Your Business with Raghu Bala

May 2, 2022

Raghu Bala is the founder and CEO of NetObjex that operates Matrix, a Digital Asset-as-a-Service platform that helps enterprises harness the power of Internet of Things, AI, and blockchain technologies in constructing Web3 marketplaces. We talk about the democratization of data, the three primary categories of assets, and why virtual real estate is intentionally made scarce.


Time Stamps

[00:39] Raghu’s entrepreneurial journey

[04:56] Web3: The hype and how it can transform the internet 

[07:53] Understanding the democratization of data

[10:08] Raghu’s experience with management blueprints

[11:58] How to approach investment funding for your startup

[16:49] What is Crowdfunding and how does it work?

[20:26] The disadvantages of crowdfunding

[21:33] Debt financing for early-stage startups

[23:12] Lending clubs: How they work and what to expect

[23:58] Understanding the basics of convertible notes

[25:45] The three primary categories of assets

[27:13] How to secure your assets using tokens

[31:16] Digital Assets: Common formats and how they’re best used

[33:54] Why creators of virtual real estates intentionally make it scarce

[35:08] How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will positively impact the crypto world

[37:34] Parting thoughts


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