Management Blueprint

92: Apply the Eisenhower Matrix with Dave Romero

May 9, 2022

Dave Romero is the President of Unboxed Training and Technology, a company that creates learning experiences and technologies to help businesses embed continuous learning in the workplace. We talk about the Holy Grail of business longevity, how successful entrepreneurs eliminate complexity from their businesses, and why curiosity is the ultimate business superpower. 



[00:34] Dave’s entrepreneurial journey

[01:47] Dave’s desire to improve the boring learning environment

[02:52] Dave’s experience with management blueprints

[05:31] Understanding the Eisenhower matrix 

[08:33] How to differentiate between urgent and important things in your business

[10:56] Knowing where to focus your energy and attention

[14:30] How to stop complexity from choking your business

[16:45] Understanding the Infinite Game of Business

[19:39] The Holy Grail of business longevity

[25:57] Meeting the buyer’s needs and selling in the information age 

[30:17] The bespoke hiring and recruiting process at Unboxed

[34:23] Why curiosity in business is the ultimate superpower

[36:11] Parting thoughts


Links and Resources: 

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The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

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