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93: Deploy a Custom Business Operating System with Greg Cleary

May 16, 2022

Greg Cleary is the Founder of Pinnacle Business Guides, a community of entrepreneurial guides with real-world, hands-on experience running businesses. We talk about why people are the most important assets in your business, why you need a business operating system for your company, and why you would want to customize it for your business. Also learn about Steve and Greg’s new book, Pinnacle: Five Principles that Take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain.


Time Stamps

[01:00] Greg’s entrepreneurial journey

[05:00] The key challenges of building a coaching community of guides 

[05:55] How Greg developed the 5 principles in the Pinnacle business framework

[08:03] Why people are what matters most in business

[11:23] What makes the Pinnacle business operating system unique

[15:15] Why Greg believes Pinnacle is the 100% solution

[17:40] The essence of having tools for your business

[20:45] Greg’s obsession with helping companies grow

[21:58] Why every business needs a customized operating system

[25:09] Rocks as the secret to achieving business goals

[30:00] How to 5X your business in 5 years

[31:20] Parting thoughts  


Links and Resources

Steve and Greg's New Book: Pinnacle: Five Principles that Take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain

Pinnacle Business Guides website

Greg’s LinkedIn

The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey


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