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94: Learn the Lifecycle Metrics Framework with Shane Foss

May 23, 2022

Shane Foss is the founder and CEO of Hooray Health, a limited benefit medical plan provider focused on providing practical health care plans and protecting their members against predatory balanced billing practices. We talk about the main stages of a business life cycle, how to avoid the predatory balance billing trap, and the main drivers of the medical debt crisis.


Time Stamps

[00:41] Shane’s entrepreneurial journey

[02:16] The Darkside of healthcare in the US

[04:49] Understanding the main stages of a business lifecycle 

[08:12] How to measure the main phases of a business lifecycle

[11:55] The right time to scale your business

[12:34] Key elements of the business testing phase

[13:47] How Hooray Health stands out as a health insurance provider

[18:45] Why Hooray Health is not a replacement for major medical

[20:13] Gen X and Millennials love for supplemental health benefits

[21:54] How to avoid the predatory balance billing trap

[24:10] Explaining the meaning of balance billing in health insurance

[26:15] How heath care providers tackle the medical debt crisis

[29:32] Growth drivers in a health insurance firm like Hooray Health

[31:31] Parting thoughts


Links and Resources

Steve’s and Greg Cleary’s New Book: Pinnacle: Five Principles that Take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain

Shane’s LinkedIn

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